XIONG Zechen,WANG Tianlin,GUO Hongxian,et al.Feasibility Study on Insulation and Antifreeze of Drainage Ditchin Cold Area Tunnel based on Shallow Geothermal Energy[J].Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering,2019,39(04):556-563.[doi:10.13409/j.cnki.jdpme.2019.04.003]





Feasibility Study on Insulation and Antifreeze of Drainage Ditchin Cold Area Tunnel based on Shallow Geothermal Energy
熊泽琛 王天麟 郭红仙 程晓辉
(清华大学土木工程系,北京 100084)
XIONG Zechen WANG Tianlin GUO Hongxian CHENG Xiaohui
(Department of Civil Engineering,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084,China)
隧道 排水 防冻 浅层地热能 可行性研究
tunnel drainage antifreeze shallow geothermal energy feasibility study
寒区隧道冻害问题严重影响隧道的正常运营和结构安全。以西宁—成都高速铁路寒区特长隧道洞口排水沟的保温为背景,首先使用COMSOL有限元软件建立了寒区隧道水沟保温的二维分析模型,结合西宁气象数据分析洞口排水沟保温的供暖负荷; 然后考虑将热交换管埋设在仰拱中利用浅层地热能,建立三维模型对隧道仰拱埋管换热器进行设计,并对埋管间距、进水温度、围岩导热系数等进行参数分析。研究结果表明,一定条件下,能源隧道可用于寒区隧道洞口排水沟的保温和防冻。
The frost damage of the tunnel in cold region seriously affects the normal operation and structural safety. In this paper, on the basis of the insulation of the drainage ditch of the tunnel in the cold area of Xining-Chengdu high-speed railway, a 2D numerical model of the thermal insulation of the trench is established by using COMSOL finite element software. The heating load of the ditch is analyzed in combination with Xining meteorological data. Then considering the use of shallow geothermal energy by embedding the heat exchange pipe in the invert arch, a 3D model is established to design the tunnel inverted arch heat exchanger. The parameters including the buried pipe spacing, inlet water temperature and thermal conductivity of the surrounding rock are analyzed. The results show that energy tunnels can be used for insulation and antifreeze of tunnels in cold region under certain conditions.


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